Interior Architecture, Technology and Design

What if you took a cross section of Main Street USA and blended it with the opulence of Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, CA? You would get a design culture and aesthetic as comfortable as it is dynamic.

Rich yet rustic, classic yet contemporary, traditional yet futuristic, artistic yet functional: this is the world
of Rodeo & Main, R&M.

The firm conceptualizes and designs interior spaces and furnishings from industrial and commercial to residential and theatrical. For more than a decade the company has been commissioned to create everything from event spaces to permanent industrial installations and private residences.

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Designer Interiors Meet Tomorrow's Technology

What is a modern space without the utilization of advances in technology and science?

At Rodeo & Main we thrive on discovery. We search the world over for innovations in technology that make life and work easier, more effective and more efficient.
As we uncover modern advances in materials and sciences we take a decisive lead on infusing them into our design process. Even the most minimalistic spaces have been studied to deliver optimum efficiency while balancing beauty with functionality.

Our high profile clients present a constant and welcomed challenge to remain on the leading edge of design. From multi - media recording and television studios, theaters, restaurants, industrial kitchens / eateries and private residences to indoor/outdoor living spaces, creative direction for special events, set design, real estate staging and multi million dollar office facilities, at Rodeo & Main we collaborate with and work diligently for our clients to assure their complete satisfaction upon delivery.

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What’s the "Key" to your success?

For us it's simple. You give us access to your new space and vision, and we give you back keys to a completed vision! It’s our ability to take your idea and bring it to life within your budget. As your Creative Design Consultant we help facilitate everything from design layout, construction, equipment acquisition, technology integration, all the way through interior design and furnishings. We make what could be a very overwhelming situation relaxing and enjoyable for our clients.

It's paying attention to those last minute details in a design project that makes it just that much more unique. It's about challenging our team of artisans and contractors to deliver quality output on time, every time and most importantly on budget!

We provide a full range of design services including: architects and engineers, building contractors, landscape architects, technology experts and specialty furnishing designers. Collectively we work toward a common goal; to not only meet but also exceed your expectations.

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Our philosophy is simple,

"Thrive Within Your Space."

You don't always have to be at home to experience the comforts of being at home. Workspaces should be functional, efficient and visually stimulating, transformable and transformative.

Rodeo & Main transforms spaces into experiences.

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The Rodeo & Main Collection by Jesse

Rodeo & Main is a design concept rooted in the philosophy of creating exquisite, functional spaces that define the aura of the owner, dweller or brand. With years of vast experience designing live / work / event spaces from New York and London to Lagos, Los Angeles, Miami and Atlanta the company's creative prowess extends far beyond four walls. Under the Rodeo & Main brand Jesse has designed gorgeous fixed installations, furniture, furnishings, soft and solid goods such as mirrors, pillows, curtains, wall treatments, lighting, and essential mood altering products that stir the spirit and the senses.

These products will be available to order exclusively at Rodeo&


The Team

At Rodeo &. Main we believe that excellence requires the integration of various perspectives. With that in mind our team consists of a wide range of members who are at the pinnacle of their field. In addition, our broad and global expertise allows us to draw on worldly influences.

The Rodeo & Main team is lead by Jesse Combs. With more than a decade of experience as the driving creative force behind several brands and across numerous industries including: Creative and Art Direction, Fashion, Music & Entertainment, Television Production and interior architecture, the team benefits from his global perspective will bringing to the table fresh ideas, edgy concepts and out-of-the-box innovations.

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Jesse Combs


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